Bath Therapies and Spa | Hacienda El Carmen Hotel Spa

Bath Therapy

Enjoy our comforting experiences which offer you great therapeutic benefits as they blend a variety of plant extracts with essential oils and the 100.4 °F water in order to achieve your total relaxation.

I. Wine Therapy Soak (30 min)

Fabulous therapy made with aromatic oils of melissa and lavender, creating a deep relaxation level and acting on the areas where stress comes from.


II. Anti-stress soak (30 min)

Fabulous lemon balm and lavender oil treatment that induces deep relaxation extending to all major stress points.
$ 36.00 USD

III. Energizing soak (30 min)

Fabulous cinnamon, mint, and rosemary oils treatment, excellent for recuperating lost energy and stimulating circulation.
$ 36.00 USD

IV. Temaztac soak (30 min.)

Enjoy the beautifying goodness of whey combined with vanilla and orange extracts that soften the skin and fortify the immune system.
$ 36.00 USD