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Expert and trained hands give your face and skin all the care and dedication that you deserve. Combining the best French and European cosmetic methods with state of the art techniques and technology.

I. Deep cleansing hydrating facial (50 min)

Facial cleansing with deep extraction, hydration and deep regeneration of the tissues, aiding and stimulating the natural biological functions of the skin. It includes a masque rich in extracts that moisturize and minimize pores.
$ 910.00 MXN

II. Deep hydration (50 min)

The basic facial every face needs. After exposure to excessive heat, cold or air pollution, give yourself 50 minutes of a soft and penetrating massage with products specially designed to hydrate at the cellular level.
Remember that systematically hydrated skin slows down the aging process.
$ 795.00 MXN

III. Natural facial (50 min)

Let nature be your beautician. Allow our therapists’ expert hands to re-hydrate and soften your skin with exfoliants and masques made of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables from our own orchard, suited to your skin type and taken from the ancient recipes of our grandmothers.
$ 535.00 MXN

* Adults only.