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Insomnia Treatment

We recommend this treatment in the afternoon before going out to dinner or to bed. The magic and healing power of nature together with the relaxing atmosphere of this spa experience create total relaxation, inducing much needed sleep to recover the peace and energy lost through the stress of our daily routine.

I. Herbal wrap (50 min)

The treatment begins with the stimulation of whole body circulation, allowing your skin to absorb an infusion of a magic mixture of seven different orange blossoms and greens combined with rosemary essence. Nothing is more effective and natural.
$ 910.00 MXN

II. Relaxing soak (30 min)

After the orange blossoms wrap, a bathtub of warm water mixed with aromatic oils and lemon balm awaits you to soak for 20 to 30 minutes. For rehydration you’ll enjoy fresh chlorophyll water or fresh natural citrus beverages.

III. Relaxing massage (50 min)

As you leave the bathtub, your therapist awaits you with a huge bath towel to dry and wrap you before you lay down to enjoy a fabulous relaxing massage with revitalizing oils of apple and cinnamon. After your massage, the therapist will serve you a delicious orange blossom tea sweetened with honey. $68.00 USD Insomnia therapy package price.
$ 910.00 MXN

$ 2,240.00 MXN, 2 hours.

* Adults only.