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We offer a variety massage types that improve health and circulation, relax the muscles and aid digestion. Our massages stimulate the lymphatic system and promote the elimination of toxic substances form the body.


I. Back massage (30 min)

Eliminates tension and muscular pain from the neck, shoulders and back. A truly relaxing massage to make your body, muscles and skeletal system rejuvenate and rest, helping you to achieve healing sleep.
$ 595.00 MXN

II. Relaxing holistic massage (50 – 80 min)

Massage employing a variety of practices including acupressure, reflexology and stretching, among others, that will balance and relax your muscular and nervous systems. The correct pressure for this massage is from soft to mildly intense, eliminating physical and mental stress, improving circulation and joint mobility and eliminating muscle tension.
$ 910.00 MXN (50 min)
$ 1,275.00 MXN (80 min)

III. Aromatherapy massage (60 – 80 min)

Aromatherapy is the art of recovering health, beauty and well-being through the use of essential oils from plants, roots, seeds, flowers and exotic woods. These oils are absorbed quickly by the skin or by breathing, acting on diverse body systems. This massage is calming and balancing, with emphasis on lymphatic and vascular circulation. We offer two options: Toning and revitalizing.
$ 1,075.00 MXN (60 min) Calming and relaxing.
$ 1,335.00 MXN ( 80 min)

Deep Relaxation

V. Indigenous hot stone massage (80 min)

Steam-heated marble stones anointed with fine natural oils smoothly slide over every muscle of your body, bringing deep physical and mental relaxation to your most stressed areas. Balances energy and stimulates peaceful sleep.
$ 1,450.00 MXN

VI. Massage Del Hacendado (120 min.)

$ 1,755.00 MXN

* Adults only.