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Wine Therapy

As practiced in the best spas of Europe. Wine therapy consists of a series of treatments using different grape varietals, musts, wines and oils in order to reduce the abdomen, firm up the buttocks and rejuvenate the muscles and skin. Wine therapy relaxes by means of massages with essential oils, Cabernet-Sauvignon or Merlot wine.

I. Volcanic clay and Merlot exfoliation (30 min)

An excellent combination. Take advantage of the great exfoliating and anti-inflammatory qualities of clay, in tandem with the chemical properties of the Merlot grape to exfoliate, regenerate and soften the skin. The treatment concludes with soothing chamomile lotion, leaving your skin beautifully soft and as smooth as porcelain.
$ 700.00 MXN

II. Honey and red wine wrap (50 min)

Honey is an excellent natural food that provides nutrients while softening, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. This treatment blends honey with exfoliating Merlot red wine. The treatment concludes with a hydrating floral lotion.
$ 915.00 MXN

III. Hot red wine and grape seed oil massage (50 min)

Completely soothing! Designed to showcase the relaxing and nutritive benefits of the grape with a massage focused on alleviating stress and muscle pain.
$ 1,075.00 MXN

IV. Wine therapy soak (30 min)

This relaxing full body soak is the ideal stress remedy. Submerge yourself completely in a bathtub of Cabernet Sauvignon (100° F) and forget about stress.

Package price: $ 227.00 USD

* Adults only.